Monterey WaterJet specializes in high end custom WaterJet fabrication.

Our premiere WaterJet machines use both pure and abrasivewater, without introducing any stresses into the material making it possible to cut a wide variety of materials.

We have multiple cutting machines that can run simultaneous cutting heads, maximizing efficiency for small or large runs. Monterey WaterJet has a full engineering and design department to turn your project around quickly, whether you have a DXF file or simply a napkin drawing.

What can we cut? Copper, brass, aluminum, steel, titanium, glass, ceramic, wood, stone, laminated materials, flammable materials, plastics, and much more.

WaterJet can cut virtually any material, leaving a smooth edge. They require few secondary operations, produce net-shaped parts with no heat-affected zone, heat distortion, or mechanical stresses caused by other cutting methods, can cut with a narrow kerf, and can provide better usage of raw material since parts can easily be tightly nested.